Month: September 2018

Importance of Employee Cyber-security Training

Recent reports from Trust-wave reveal that despite companies spending $96 billion on cybersecurity initiatives this year, 100 percent of all web applications continue to be vulnerable to attacks. To protect your company’s data from threats, it’s increasingly critical that employee cybersecurity training takes place in the workplace. Tips for Employee Cyber-security Training Cyber security for your company starts with your employees. Utilize the following tips to secure your data and conduct employee cyber security training. …

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What is Phishing?

About Phishing Most types of threats to computer users usually involve direct attacks on a computer, targeting physical vulnerabilities of a computer’s operating system and other software. Phishing, on the other hand, relies solely on the computer user’s own vulnerabilities, namely the same emotions and ignorance that allows people to be taken in by non-electronic confidence schemes. In the digital world, phishing is any attempt to defraud a computer user by pretending to be a reputable source. …

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